What Is a Good Engagement Rate on Twitter?

Engagement rates are like your daily active users (DAUs) or the number of mentions you get each day. The higher the engagement rate, the more people see you’re Tweet, so it’s important not to neglect it. There are many factors that influence an effective engagement rate. It is essential for users to appreciate all of them to ensure a steady stream of views on their tweets. The following article will help explain all the factors that affect engagement rates on Twitter and also determine what a good rate of engagement for your account is.

How to calculate an engagement rate?

Engagement rates are also essential for those people who obsessively try to increase Twitter followers on their accounts. To determine an account’s engagement rate, we first add up all of the interactions that have been generated by the account’s posts, then divide that number by the overall followers on the account, and finally, we divide the result by the total tweets to obtain the engagement rate. As soon as we get our percentage, we will be able to begin our analysis and comprehend what this statistic is indicating to us regarding the activities of a specific profile on the platform.

Average rates of engagement

After going through the method for determining the engagement rate, let’s move on to discussing what exactly qualifies as a healthy rate of engagement on the platform. The total average engagement rate on Twitter is 0.037 per cent, according to the findings of reputed reports. This applies to companies across all sectors, from the fashion industry to charitable organisations. These companies also publish roughly five times every seven days on their social media accounts.

Those who wish to get results that are much better than average should pay attention to the success of the brands that are ranked as the best.  The leading brands in any sector have an average interaction rate of 0.12 per cent and publish around 4 times each week on their social media channels.

How to improve engagement?

Here are some recommended practices that, according to reports, have shown to be effective in improving the rate of engagement for your account.

  • Always post on time.
  • Maintain your level of activity and engagement, even if you have a few things to talk about.
  • When starved of ideas, tweet something related to the holidays or host a contest.
  • Engage in the same manner your viewer does and meet them where they are.

What will happen if my engagement rate goes down?

You’ll likely need to wait longer to regain the attention of your audience if your engagement rate drops. Maybe you will see less traffic coming to your account. This may be due to many reasons, including your account not sharing quality and informative content for the audience. If you can’t catch the eye of the people who follow you on the platform, things won’t change. Try everything possible to create interest in your account again and improve the engagement rates as soon as possible for your account to get rejected by the users.

By looking at the article, you can appreciate the importance of engagement to your account. Make sure to plan a Twitter strategy which ensures good engagement rates to reach out to the maximum number of people.

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