What Can I Surprise My Boyfriend with?

Countless times that your boyfriend has given you the best and most romantic treatment, and you feel like now, it’s your time to return the affection. Surely such reciprocation is a sign of true love.

You secretly stare at him and ponder – what does this guy want? Pair of shoes? Leather or a tracker wallet? Ticket to summer vacation?

Various possibilities come into your head, but you cannot decide what to do.

Indeed, one quick Google Search on the Web will bring you to numerous ideas and suggestions on how you can make your boyfriend happy.

Here, we’ll give three simple answers to the question “what can I surprise my boyfriend with?”.

Do something invaluable for him

It is a common cliché that action speaks louder than words. Such is a principle tested by time over generations. Here are some priceless efforts you could do for your special someone:

  • Prepare a surprise breakfast in bed

you are living together or not, personally preparing and ushering his favorite breakfast in bed will surely hit his soft spots.

Making his morning extra special will have a positive ripple effect throughout his day, if not the whole week. He would love you even more because of this.

  • Hide a love letter in his pocket to be found later

Sometimes, the most random surprises are the best. Imagine him doing his daily mundane task, then out of the blue, he finds a love letter secretly written by you.

Oh boy, this will make him go running back to you immediately.

  • Tidy the apartment

Nothing makes a man feel more special other than coming home from a hard day’s work in a clean and fresh apartment. Especially, if there is also a special dinner prepared for him.

This will make him feel that you are the one, as you feel for him.

Prepare a Traditional Date

Do you remember how the dates prepared by your boyfriend made your heart flutters? You could also do the same!

Dial the numbers and secretly book your favorite or a new restaurant. You can also ask them to locate you in the best spot of the restaurant for a perfect romantic candle-lit dinner. Perhaps, you could also inquire for a serenade.


Free him from his worries and fill him with surprises through being in-charge of your dinner date. Don’t forget to pour him some wine for additional fun.

After all, it is not an everyday affair that he will be treated extra.

A surprise hotel room could also be the best place to end the night.

Get him what he wants

There are tons of products you could buy your boyfriend. But the best surprise gift for him is something that he is not aware he wants.

For example:

  • A leather or tracker wallet
  • Perfume
  • Comfortable house slippers

Most of the times, your guy may be too lazy to change these essentials. More so if he finds no reason for doing so. But as her woman, you know better.

Giving him a better wallet or belt may subtly boost his confidence and make him aware of wiser adult decisions.

Simply introducing change in his scent may bring him new possibilities. Don’t let him be stuck in the old ways.

There are various ways for you to surprise your boyfriends, but the best ones are the products of effort and thoughtfulness.

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