How to Reinforce Tutoring at Home?

As parents, we all need a little extra help for our children once in a while. Truth of the matter is that classroom education isn’t favorable to everyone. Some children need a tailored education to suit their needs and learning style. The best way to meet this demand is finding a reliable tutor. Tutors teach by presenting information in various different methods and ways that help students get a concept as opposed to a classroom where they are taught one or two concepts of the same. So as a tutor, specifically tutoring maths, here are ways to Reinforce Tutoring at Home.

  1. Initiate the passion for learning

Most students view subjects like maths, physics, chemistry or literature as having little connection to their lives. It is one of the reasons students develop negative attitudes towards these subjects. Yet these same subjects have produces some of the world’s leading scholars. The best way to reinforce tutoring these subjects is by having a passion for the subjects. You can perform an experiment on a swimming pool to determine the volume of water in the pool by using differential calculus since it considers how water droplets fill the pool without actually the total volume of water in the tank. This way, the students will get to understand how the subjects help them in their daily lives and they will be more willing to learn.

  1. Teach your students to become independent learners

Your presence as a tutor to a student is very much needed but your main aim is to make them become independent learners. You need to encourage your students to analyze the subject more critically in an analytical manner. On most occasions, you may ask questions, give a more twisted exercise and see how they tackle them. Your main aim is to restore confidence in the students since maybe for the first time, they are able to tackle the question themselves. This way, the student will be more creative and more willing to tackle such or even harder maths quizzes. This will eventually lead to a unique friendly relation between the tutor and the student that makes the student feel cared for and supported.

  1. Make your tutor hours interesting

Your time with your student has to be as interesting as possible. Have breaks after a period of time. Narrate interesting stories that relate to the specific area of study, make the session as engaging as possible. You can do your teachings using video presentations if you are in a maths session. Show your students interesting videos on for example the Montessori Method or Mayan mathematics that shows how easy it is to understand common knowledge in mathematics when a hands-on approach is used in learning.

  1. Regularly requests feedbacks

Lastly, if you need to reinforce tutoring at home then you need to be constantly requesting feedbacks from students. You may be using a certain strategy that you think is working for the student while certainly, it is not. It is upon you to ask students how the session was, what challenges they faced and also about the time the session took. Some students may have time constraints and therefore it is important that you stick to their time. Your main aim is to ensure that you meet every need of the student including time.


Tutoring is never easy, but how you interact with your student will determine the success of your session and how you interact with your student. The above methods simply help you reinforce your tutoring sessions at home and ensure you bring out the most in students, especially in maths. Here are a few more resources that could be helpful

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