How to Get More Instagram Followers Fast?

It will be a lie to tell you that you will get many followers who are active to your content. This will take a while, believe me. But it’s exciting to join Instagram. Getting followers will take more than just following other. You need to not only prove yourself but also stay active. Following this article, your target will definitely be achieved in a few weeks.

Here are the methods to use in order to get instagram followers.

  1. Join engagement groups.

This method is suited for beginners on Instagram. By joining these engagement groups, don’t go joining the biggest groups out there, stick to groups related to your content and those that offer more common groups like beauty, fashion or travel among more others. You will get followers who will show interest by liking your content. To gain the followers do like their content back too. Follow fan pages of these people. This method helps in gaining credibility more than gaining more followers, but the number is not that low.

  1. Promote your account on Buzzfeed.

To gain massive followers boost on Instagram, then you will need to get help from other sources. One of such places to go to for help is using Buzzfeed for it embeds the Instagram posts into their content. This platform offers a community section on their platform, that gives Instagram users a chance to post their content. Though you will have to follow the given guidelines to create trust.

Another such platform is HARO. this offers email requests, 3 emails per day. The emails contain requests of people looking for content and even quotes for their stories. Most will allow social links and website links too.

  1. Follow those who like competing pages.

These people who will follow brands will give you a quite number of followers. Your biggest competitors on this platform, you should check out their profiles and check on those commenting, these people commenting are the ones you should follow and don’t shy from engaging with them. But go for smaller brands. This is to avoid targeting the wrong audience, try to stick to brands that are in competition with your brand. Remember bigger brands have a larger number of loyal customers.

  1. Use influencers.

This is another method that will boost the number of followers to your Instagram page. Use Instagram to give you shoutouts. This will be beneficial to you if they have a large number of followers. You will gain followers and also probably make sales too. Be careful since some influencers will give you fake followers. The best way is to ask them to have an account takeover. But this should be made aware of this change.

  1. Do host giveaways.

These will work if you have a small base of audience. But the most effective way is to host these giveaways through your website but include an option to follow you on your other social media accounts. This way you will gain even more followers. These posts can be posted on certain Facebook groups that offer this option and or blogs.

These are but a few options that will make your Instagram target achievable. But also remember to there are those who will give you fake followers so do your research first before committing to such influencers to get instagram followers.

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