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Human emotion recognition using smart sensors

Technology has developed immensely over the past few years. Technologies like artificial intelligence, supercomputers, algorithm-based information, big data, and much more similar works have contributed immensely to the technologically advanced world we live in today. Such has been the advancement of technology that now, various systems and sensors can be used to find out what an average person might be thinking or how he might be feeling. This advanced technology has been used in making smart sensors to detect human emotions and perform behavior recognition.

What is a smart sensor?

How does a weighted blanket work?

With the fast – paced society today, sleeping is most probably the highest commodity in the market. While a lot have suffered sleeping disorders, science once again has rocked another breakthrough in the name of a weighted blanket. To be honest, I haven’t had the slightest idea as to how this fashionable blanket works until I made a research.

A person who is interested in using weighted blanket has to decide as to how much weight he can carry. In choosing the right weighted blanket, the mathematics underlying with it is 10% of your weight added by one or two pounds. For example, a person with a body weight of 90 – 150 lbs. with an age bracket of 14 – 16 has to go for a 15 pound weighted blanket. This reference is an ideal guide though some people have their own preference. So if they feel more comfortable with a much heavier than a 15 pound weighted blanket, then of course they can have it.

People who have sleep anxieties as well as children with autism are somehow the target market of this blanket. Literally, the name itself weighted fits itself because it is ideally designed as heavier than the ordinary blankets or comforters. Various studies revealed the effectiveness of trendy blankets where one has it that using this have reduced their anxiety. Another result from a study found to have this blanket as a calming tool to its users. A revelation was told why these weighted blankets work best in sleeping disorders is its Deep Touch Pressure effect which can only be benefited from hugs, delicate pressure from massage, and vests. But what can DTP do to our bodies? Science guarantees us that with DTP; it can stimulate the serotonin level in our body thus making us feel calm. Another thing is the cortisol level in our body. This hormone is responsible for our mood swings. The higher the level of cortisol, the higher the level of stress a person can get. And with DTP working on this, weighted blankets are definitely soothing to one’s mind and body thus eliminating stress.

So what’s good about picking a weighted blanket? Testimonies spread that with this type of blanket, they had a deeper slumber experience and feeling like they are being held in a tight embrace. Your curiosity in this weighted blanket mania may also include its components. Of course since initially, this was designed primarily to people with special needs in sleeping, manufacturers have look into the kind of filling they will use for the product. It comes in the form of food like pellets, rice or barley. Some who have allergies with food, other manufacturers used fifty percent cotton and the other half are stuffed with glass beads. This way, people feel that this product is being thought well for the benefits of those who are having hard time of getting peaceful sleeps. Nowadays, it is not only those who are diagnosed with autism and sensory processing disorder that weighted blankets can be useful, but others also who desiring to have enough and uninterrupted sleep. This is absolutely a great relief to everybody.